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Della feels at home as a speaker and workshop facilitator. She uses experiential learning practices to guide groups through transformative experiences. She customizes workshops and talks based on the intentions of the group and prefers to lead workshops by donation to keep them inclusive. Della is happy to co-lead to help others develop facilitation skills. 


Below are a few themes of workshops and talks that she could facilitate:




Work that Reconnects - 

Drawing from deep ecology, systems theory, and wisdom traditions from around the world, this workshop builds motivation, creativity, courage, and solidarity for our collective transition to a more sustainable human culture. The Work that Reconnects is an international open source offering initiated by Joanna Macy.

Alternative Economics -

In this workshop, we explore what is wrong with our current economic system and how we can co-create alternatives that are more beautiful, sustainable, equitable, and just. Unlike the field of economics, this workshop is fun, exciting, and translatable into tangible change.

"Della brings her wholehearted presence into the room. She is knowledgeable, kind, and curious and creates a space where meaningful connections can be made, both internally and with others in the community. She embodies her teachings."- workshop participant


E-mail Della at with inquiries

Past Workshop and Retreats


Upcoming Invitations

  • HUM Fall Retreat: Singing, Permaculture & The Work that Reconnects - Sept 27 - 29,  2024,

    In-person in Watsonville, CA

    Jan - Mar 2025, Online

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