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Right Livelihood Coaching

To help you better align your values with your work in the world, I offer Right Livelihood coaching.

To know more about my understanding of the idea of "right livelihood," check out this article that I co-wrote with Mark Phillips on the subject, "Cultivating Right Livelihood, Work as a Spiritual Path and a Vehicle for Systems Change."

The sessions are offered in line with the gift economy, meaning I offer my time freely to support you (because talking with you supports my right livelihood calling!) and then after the call, you will have the opportunity to donate money to me as a gift. The amount is up to you based on what you feel is generous but that doesn't hurt you. This point is different for each person. I'll send the donation link after each call.

Through my experience as a coach, the ideal number of sessions is 5 because this would allow time for you to prototype ideas with ongoing support and see progress with them. This is not a prescription, but a suggestion. You can schedule calls at your own leisure and discontinue whenever is appropriate for you.

If you are interested, email me to set up your first session:

For more on Right Livelihood Coaching:

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